Blogging 101

Blogging 101

I’m really pleased that Blogging came up as a way to make money online. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s because I’ve started a blog, and it’s a blog about making money, so it seems like a good fit. Happy days.

So lets see if we can uncover some of the ideas that are out there on the internet about “making money blogging”, and apply it here, or on a blog you decide to start.

There are many places to start a blog, and as with all things internet, you seem to be spoilt for choice. Just the number of sites you can browse, offering you advice on the best sites you can use to start a blog, is bewildering. From what I can gather, the most popular choice  for the internet newbie, or technology novice, is a blog. Tick. Apparently WordPress is used for over 20% of all sites on the internet. For me it was a simple-ish one stop solution, without needing any prior knowledge. The layout is simple and the customer support is brilliant, when you can’t get your head around the vast amount of online help available. I’ve used them four times already. Be aware that the help-desk takes a little sabbatical  towards the end of September, to brush up their help-desk skills, so at this time they may take a couple of days to respond to emails instead of using online chat. Live chat support is not available with a free WordPress plan. I went with the Premium plan, currently priced at $8.25 a month, as it gave me the option to “monetize” my blog.

The other thing that is necessary to “monetize” a blog is a mapped primary domain, instead of the one that WordPress gives you. I used GoDaddy for this and got a domain for two years for under £20 including domain privacy. Other domain registering sites are available. More on this later.

Making Money Blogging

Ok, so lets say you’ve decided what you want to blog about, and you’ve successfully set it up. Best advice I’ve seen about blogging so far is to be passionate about what you’re writing, and make the quality as good as possible. This should keep you going if the results aren’t what you were hoping for, and encourage your readers.

I’ve found three different avenues for finding out about successful blogging. The first is the obvious internet search, which can be baffling, as there are thousands of people out there vying for your attention. The second is to look on Pinterest if you like your information a little more visual, but equally as baffling in terms of sheer quantity of advice out there. The third, and probably easiest place to start, is to learn through the WordPress Blogging University, supplied by The Daily Post. It’s all free, and you can then supplement this information with the other two search sources, for as long as you can cope with.

The bottom line, there are two things you need to make money blogging:

  1. Lots of people who like reading your blog, otherwise known as “traffic”.
  2. Stuff on your blog that can turn traffic into money.

More detail on this to follow. Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness.

Bye for now.


So, What Now?

So, What Now?

Where to start? I thought a good place to start looking for ideas, to make £100,000 a year, would be on the internet, so I Googled “How to make £100,000 on line.” The criteria here is to find ideas that a) have the potential to make my target earnings, and b) don’t take much investment to set up. Check back on this post from time to time, as I will be adding things to the list as they attract my attention. Any suggestions you have of things I could add to this list are always welcome. The way I see it, the more ideas there are to investigate, the greater the chances of reaching my goal.

So, as you can probably imagine, there are thousands if not millions of sites out there, telling you ways you could get rich on the internet. Some, I hope are genuine, some I’m sure, not so much. I’m just going to have to use intuition on this one, and follow what seems viable and interesting to me. Like I said before, I’m sure I’ll make  mistakes, but I hope I’ll come through them without too many battle scars, and if possible avoid injury altogether. My wish is to find success, as quickly and painlessly as possible. Lets see.

The List:

  1. Teaching online –
  2. Selling –
  3. Publish kindle books
  4. Sell photos online – Shutterstock
  5. Create a blog –
  6. Sell T-shirts online –
  7. Trading – Various
  8. Dropshipping – Various
  9. Affiliate Marketing -?
  10. Start an online shop –
  11. Create Apps – Swifty app, Xcode
  12. Gambling strategies – various

This is my first rough list of ideas that could be viable, with an example of an associated website tagged next to them, when possible. Feel free to write your own list of things that interest you. If some of those things are the same as this list, then stay tuned. If not, good luck on your journey, and I’d love to hear from you if you find any more interesting and viable ones. Some ideas may overlap, and I’m not really sure what some of them mean yet. I know, get with the programme grandad.

Ok, so here’s a list of ideas, now what order to do them in? Well, looking down the list, I immediately think I could put the first four on hold for now, until I get a good idea to pursue them further.

Teaching. I don’t feel much of an expert in anything. More of a “Jack-of-all-trades” if you like. I recon you have to be quite an expert in something to be able to teach it, or at least teach it well, especially if people are going to pay for it. I envy people who are good at teaching, and are experts in their field. More thought required on running a successful Udemy course.

Selling stuff on Ebay. I don’t have much cash to buy stock to sell. I don’t really have room to store stock. I can’t afford to invest in a storage facility. Will I need staff to run this for me? One to revisit when the investment funds increase.

Publish kindle books. I think you need either the ability to tell great stories, or you need to be really knowledgeable about something to be able to write a book. I suppose you could research material to put in a book, but that is basically looking at books and articles that other people have already written, and writing it in a way that makes it looks like you wrote it. Its probably a question of adding value here. Is it possible to write a book on a subject that explains it in a simpler, better, quicker, more cost effective way? I like reading fiction. Some of it I find enjoyable, others not so much. I just find reading fiction such a time commitment, so it usually gets resigned to tagging along with me, and filling in time when i find myself waiting for something else to happen. Imagine waiting rooms, public transport, etc. I also don’t think I know enough about what makes a great story to be able to tackle it yet. I’m sure there is guidance out there on the internet somewhere. I envy good writers. Put this idea on the back-burner.

Sell photos online. Again, sounds like a good and fun idea. Take lots of great photos, upload them onto a photo sharing website and get paid. I like taking snapshots as much as the next person, especially on my phone. Do I think they’re good enough to sell, not really. Would be nice to think that I can spend some time, on all these wonderful holidays I am going to take, taking beautiful, professional quality photographs, and getting paid well to sell them. Also a chance to buy lots of expensive camera equipment, perhaps? I envy good photographers. Another back-burner idea for me.

Enjoy your day. Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness. Bye for now.

First blog post

First blog post

Hello world, and welcome to my first blog post. Not a very original start I know, but let me introduce myself. I’m Steve, a middle-aged, stay at home dad, who does the school run, feeds the family and the pet cat, and generally plays second-in-command, to my accomplished better half, in the smooth-ish running and organising of our household.

I’ve spent most of my spare time renovating the house we live in. When I say renovating, I really mean trying my best at DIY, and phoning people who know what they are doing, to get them in for the difficult bits. This occupied my time for two years in this house, and many other years in houses before this one, but I now find myself with spare time, and not a clue how to spend it.

Part of me would love to tell you that I am the male equivalent of the “Ladies who lunch”, and I spend my days in the sunshine, playing golf and having a “cheeky beer” for lunch. Perhaps that life will be my next blog, but for now, a sense of guilt, and under achievement, are pulling me in a different direction.

I love my life, or at least aspects of it. I love being at home. It gives me the opportunity to see my kids in the morning, and be with them after school. I get to go and support them during midweek school sports fixtures, and help out with transport and post match teas. This also means I get to check that my sons are eating safely, they have nut allergies, and I get to snack on leftovers. I can wear what I like, eat what I like, within reason, and best of all, I get to spend time with my family in the evenings and at weekends.

I know that I’m very fortunate. I get to stay at home in a lovely house, in a lovely part of commuter belt, South-East England. I have an intelligent, beautiful, loving wife, who supports us financially, a lovely family, and a needy, old, adorable cat. I have heat, and fresh running water, clothes on my back, food in the fridge, internet connection, a computer, a smart-phone, a car, and a spare £1500 in the bank. So what could I possibly want, to make this dream life even better?

I have this half-baked idea, that I want to earn a six figure, annual income, working from home, between the school run, using my computer and only £1500 to invest. I want to spend more time travelling with my family during the school holidays, exploring lots of exciting parts of the world, and I want to give my long-suffering wife, the opportunity to stop working and spend time pursuing her passion for pottery if she wished.

I have no special skills or talents. I have time, and I’m willing to learn and try. Please excuse my imperfect grammar, and all the mistakes I’m bound to make. I don’t know where this journey will take me. I hope this blog will help keep my goal on track, and by sharing it, if I can inform, entertain or even inspire just one other person who wants to do something more with their life,  I hope that this blog will be worth the effort. Wish me luck.