Well the Facebook launch has been a success, at least in my eyes. Only a day after I sent out the Like invite to all my friends, and already a 23% response rate. That’s got to be good in marketing terms, hasn’t it? My nineteen Likes also mean that my readership has increased over 400%, which is amazing, so thank you friends, you’re all wonderful. I also received great words of encouragement from a very talented blogger friend of mine over in Ireland, so if you are interested in all things horticultural, and life, you must check out Green Cailin Garden, and hopefully in the near future buy some flowers if you are passing through. Last, but not least, I also received a witty one-liner from blessed MIL. (I’ve been  reliably informed by the internet that this is the appropriate abbreviation for Mother-In-Law). The Urban Dictionary on the other hand describes Mil as:

A God like entity or supreme being. Origins are unknown but some historians have cited Mil as being the first and last being within the universe. It is impossible to extrapolate the magnitude of his power through the conventional method of thinking. Only through rigorous sometimes dangerous meditation can one only begin to comprehend the greatness that is Mil. Scientific research funded by the World Bureau of Scientific Investigation has now confirmed that all matter within the universe contains traces of Mil, affirming the significance of this omnipotent and all-seeing entity.

Go figure!

I might have digressed.


Thought I’d better try to get more acquainted with Tumblr today, to see if it’s possible to make friends in a blogging sea of people I don’t know. Tumblr isn’t like Facebook, where you can find friends from your address book, or through searching for people, or through friends of friends. Tumblr does, however, suggest Bloggers for you to follow, but only based on the topics you’re interested in following, which is based on the topics you looked up and followed in the first place. How do you differentiate a blog by topic? I think you’ve probably guessed it, #Tags, apparently.

After a little digging around, it turns out that Tumblr is more of a micro-blogging site, for sharing not just thoughts, but images, short videos, music, or even chat. A halfway house, somewhere in the middle of Twitter and a fully grown blogging site. The thing that differentiates it from other places is its anonymity. People can follow you, if they find your posts interesting, like your posts, and re-blog something of yours to their followers if they wish. That’s how you gain notoriety. The strange bit, depending on your perspective, is that people won’t know who you are unless you actually want them to, by either telling them who you are, or forwarding on your Tumblr account name to people. So it’s basically an anonymous, creative, pick and mix shop, where you move in circles, bound by common interest. That’s the theory anyway. In practice, the search function is rubbish, bringing up all sorts of random stuff, making it more a place where you blog if you don’t want to be found. That must be why it’s reportedly the most popular social network for the under 25’s. Apparently, these under 25’s have a public face, known as Facebook, where they can share stuff that they’d want their mum or grandma to see. Lucky for me that neither my mum or grandma understand technology enough to even have a Facebook account. Anyway, that leaves Tumblr youth to post stuff they only want their friends with Tumblr accounts to see, or to post stuff into the dark abyss of internet nobody, if they set their account settings to private, and maybe even if they don’t with the rubbish search function. It’s sort of like an online private diary. I guess that’s why you get the surprise of some NSFW material occasionally.

To make matters worse, Tumblr also doesn’t want to publish one of my blogs, for some reason, which disrupts the supposed continuity, and actually just irritates me. It doesn’t even tell me why. It just pretends to publish, then the post doesn’t appear, and the number of posts just changes subtly back from 4 to 3. I may have contravened some Tumblr publishing laws somewhere, but, when you consider some of the stuff they do allow on the site, I find this very difficult to believe. I’ve tried asking the helpdesk to explain what’s going on, but a week later and all I have is acknowledgement of my question. I think I may have to tiptoe quietly away from this place before anyone notices. Can you tiptoe quietly, or does the act of tiptoeing imply being quiet anyway?

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness.


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