So where were we? Oh yes, we discovered there are two things you need to make money blogging:

  1. Lots of people who like reading your blog.
  2. Things on your blog that can turn readers into money.

Lets explore these in a bit more detail.

Attracting Traffic

My traffic, or people who follow my blog has miraculously increased by 300% after posting Blogging 101. My first follower was obviously my biggest supporter, my better half. The other two were totally unexpected, so I’ll take this opportunity to personally say thank you to and You can see their blogs by clicking on the links.

There’s loads of information out there about SEO (search engine optimisation), in fact so much that it might just paralyse you from blogging. It certainly started to frazzle my little brain, so I’m going to keep it simple by staying with WordPress.

On the Daily Post, which you can access through the WordPress reader, there is a tab at the top of page called Blogging University where you can access a free e-book library. The one I’m specifically interested in here is called “Grow your traffic, build your blog”.

The highlights as I see them are:

  • Write regularly – It makes your blog more attractive to search engines (first fail!)
  • Write well – Jury is out on this one. I guess that’s for others to decide. I have found that if you go into your Dashboard through WPAdmin, click on Users, then Personal Settings, you will find Proofreading Settings. I ticked all the boxes, so hopefully this will help.
  • Use your existing network – This really means social media, and I’m sure there are many of you out there who are much more social media savvy than me. The Daily Post e-book covers quite in-depth information and advice on using most of the popular networks out there. Basically, you can share your blog across different social media sites using the Publicize feature, which is found in Configure/Sharing on WordPress. I’d advice having a quick read through to understand the different niches that each social network has, and then try using each one to its best advantage. Bear in mind that this does mean that you then have to either open new accounts on each social media you select or learn how to create a separate account/page for your blog on each one. I set up Social Links, which can be customised in Personalise/Menus, to: Instagram (because I liked the camera logo, and thought it might be interesting to supplement the blog with photos); WordPress (to send back some of the love for helping me set up a blog); Tumblr (not sure yet!); and Facebook (because I already have a personal account). I also thought it was funny that the icons spelled “WTF”, which is exactly how I feel sometimes tackling this. Probably not the most scientific approach.
  • Remember to Tag – Using Tags, as I understand it, is basically making a list of keywords that describe what your blog is about. It helps with search engine searches, and also with searches on the WordPress Reader (the place where other WordPress bloggers look for blogs that interest them). Using Tags should make your blog easier to find. You can create categories and tags for your posts in the sidebar of your Edit Post page. The caveats here are:
    • Don’t include more than 15 Tags and Categories on a Post – It won’t appear on the WordPress Topic Pages if it does.
    • Set your blog privacy setting to Public – otherwise it won’t show up in the WordPress reader and search engines won’t get access to it.
    • Keep it PG – Blogs that have NSFW (not safe for work) content, or are offensive, or are not suitable for minors get flagged as such, and then, again, won’t show up on Topic Pages.
    • Keep Tags relevant – Misleading Tags, much like false advertising, will get you excluded from the WordPress Reader.


Ok, that’s enough techie research for now, my eyes are starting to glaze over. Time to put some of this research into action. I’ve created a separate Facebook page, which is more of less an exact copy of this blog. The only thing I haven’t done yet is invite all my existing Facebook friends to Like/follow it. Of note here, I didn’t pay much attention in Facebook class either, so I only seem to have managed to amass 82 Facebook friends on last count. I must remember to be more virtually friendly in future. The hope here is that my Facebook friends will have been better at making facebook friends than me, and will spark interest by liking my page. Their interest in my page will show up on their friends feed, which will in turn spark interest from them, and their friends, and so on, until I have about a million followers. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.

Also a big thank you to fellow bloggers, Falling Upwards, Old Fashioned Stories, and Jeyran Main, for taking an interest in my blog and following my progress. Best wishes in all your blogging endeavours. Click on the links if you are interested in seeing their work. (Have you noticed that I’ve discovered how the Link button works)

Until next time, wishing you all health, wealth and happiness.



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