I’m really pleased that Blogging came up as a way to make money online. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s because I’ve started a blog, and it’s a blog about making money, so it seems like a good fit. Happy days.

So lets see if we can uncover some of the ideas that are out there on the internet about “making money blogging”, and apply it here, or on a blog you decide to start.

There are many places to start a blog, and as with all things internet, you seem to be spoilt for choice. Just the number of sites you can browse, offering you advice on the best sites you can use to start a blog, is bewildering. From what I can gather, the most popular choice  for the internet newbie, or technology novice, is a WordPress.com blog. Tick. Apparently WordPress is used for over 20% of all sites on the internet. For me it was a simple-ish one stop solution, without needing any prior knowledge. The layout is simple and the customer support is brilliant, when you can’t get your head around the vast amount of online help available. I’ve used them four times already. Be aware that the help-desk takes a little sabbatical  towards the end of September, to brush up their help-desk skills, so at this time they may take a couple of days to respond to emails instead of using online chat. Live chat support is not available with a free WordPress plan. I went with the Premium plan, currently priced at $8.25 a month, as it gave me the option to “monetize” my blog.

The other thing that is necessary to “monetize” a blog is a mapped primary domain, instead of the one that WordPress gives you. I used GoDaddy for this and got a domain for two years for under £20 including domain privacy. Other domain registering sites are available. More on this later.

Making Money Blogging

Ok, so lets say you’ve decided what you want to blog about, and you’ve successfully set it up. Best advice I’ve seen about blogging so far is to be passionate about what you’re writing, and make the quality as good as possible. This should keep you going if the results aren’t what you were hoping for, and encourage your readers.

I’ve found three different avenues for finding out about successful blogging. The first is the obvious internet search, which can be baffling, as there are thousands of people out there vying for your attention. The second is to look on Pinterest if you like your information a little more visual, but equally as baffling in terms of sheer quantity of advice out there. The third, and probably easiest place to start, is to learn through the WordPress Blogging University, supplied by The Daily Post. It’s all free, and you can then supplement this information with the other two search sources, for as long as you can cope with.

The bottom line, there are two things you need to make money blogging:

  1. Lots of people who like reading your blog, otherwise known as “traffic”.
  2. Stuff on your blog that can turn traffic into money.

More detail on this to follow. Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness.

Bye for now.


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