Hello world, and welcome to my first blog post. Not a very original start I know, but let me introduce myself. I’m Steve, a middle-aged, stay at home dad, who does the school run, feeds the family and the pet cat, and generally plays second-in-command, to my accomplished better half, in the smooth-ish running and organising of our household.

I’ve spent most of my spare time renovating the house we live in. When I say renovating, I really mean trying my best at DIY, and phoning people who know what they are doing, to get them in for the difficult bits. This occupied my time for two years in this house, and many other years in houses before this one, but I now find myself with spare time, and not a clue how to spend it.

Part of me would love to tell you that I am the male equivalent of the “Ladies who lunch”, and I spend my days in the sunshine, playing golf and having a “cheeky beer” for lunch. Perhaps that life will be my next blog, but for now, a sense of guilt, and under achievement, are pulling me in a different direction.

I love my life, or at least aspects of it. I love being at home. It gives me the opportunity to see my kids in the morning, and be with them after school. I get to go and support them during midweek school sports fixtures, and help out with transport and post match teas. This also means I get to check that my sons are eating safely, they have nut allergies, and I get to snack on leftovers. I can wear what I like, eat what I like, within reason, and best of all, I get to spend time with my family in the evenings and at weekends.

I know that I’m very fortunate. I get to stay at home in a lovely house, in a lovely part of commuter belt, South-East England. I have an intelligent, beautiful, loving wife, who supports us financially, a lovely family, and a needy, old, adorable cat. I have heat, and fresh running water, clothes on my back, food in the fridge, internet connection, a computer, a smart-phone, a car, and a spare £1500 in the bank. So what could I possibly want, to make this dream life even better?

I have this half-baked idea, that I want to earn a six figure, annual income, working from home, between the school run, using my computer and only £1500 to invest. I want to spend more time travelling with my family during the school holidays, exploring lots of exciting parts of the world, and I want to give my long-suffering wife, the opportunity to stop working and spend time pursuing her passion for pottery if she wished.

I have no special skills or talents. I have time, and I’m willing to learn and try. Please excuse my imperfect grammar, and all the mistakes I’m bound to make. I don’t know where this journey will take me. I hope this blog will help keep my goal on track, and by sharing it, if I can inform, entertain or even inspire just one other person who wants to do something more with their life,  I hope that this blog will be worth the effort. Wish me luck.


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